Previous Years Walks

Previous Years Walks – If a walk is highlighted in bold italics and underlined then this walk is available for viewing.

Just click on the walk of your choice.

The “Grid Ref.” relates to the start and end point of the walk.

If a map of the walk is available then a bold “Yes” will be present in the “Map” column just click on the relevant “Yes” for a outline map of the walk. The map can be enlarged by clicking on the square in the top right corner, which should then give you a full page, also I have found it easier to use the maps if they are in “satellite or earth” view, to do this just click on the image at the bottom left corner of the enlarged map.

Date  Location Grid Ref.   Distance  Map
Mar 14 Aldenham  TQ145985  4.25 miles Yes
Aug 14 Bayford  TL311084  4.50 miles Yes
May 14 Bedmond  TL099035  5.00 miles Yes
Apr 14 Bennington  TL301235  4.50 miles Yes
May 14 Berkhampstead  TL997078  5.25 miles Yes
Sep 14 Burnham Green  TL262166  4.50 miles Yes
Jul 14 Coleman Green  TL205130  4.00 miles Yes
Aug 14 Essendon West End   TL263083  4.00 miles Yes
Jun 14 Flamstead  TL078146  4.50 miles Yes
Dec 14 Great Offley  TL142271  4.50 miles Yes
Oct 14 Green Tye  TL443184  5.00 miles Yes
Jun 14 Redbourn  TL104120  5.00 miles Yes
Mar 14 Rickmansworth  TQ055938  4.25miles Yes
 2012 Sarratt (12 walks) TQ043992  2.5 – 6.5 miles Yes
Apr 14 Shenley  TL188008  4.25 miles Yes
Sep 14 Stapleford  TL311168  3.5 miles Yes
Aug 13 Tring (2 walks)  SP950122  6.00 miles each   Yes
May 13 Watford (4 walks)  various  2.5 – 3.5 miles   Yes
Nov 14 Whitwell  TL184212  4.25 miles   Yes
May 14 Wilstone  TL905141  4.75 miles Yes
Aug 14 Wormley West End   TL337060  3.25 miles Yes