About My Walks

About My Walks

Most of my walks are circular as I prefer, generally to walk by myself. This way I can walk at my own pace and stop when and where I want, also you tend to see much more in the way of wildlife as there is less disturbance when you are on your own.

However, this does pose a problem with transport when walking a long distance, or linear path. If you go with a friend or friends, you can arrange to leave a car at each end of the day’s walk enabling you to do a full days walk (6-8 hours) along the path. But walking on your own removes that option and generally using public transport is not a feasible alternative as the walks often start/end in some fairly remote places and let’s be honest, our public transport system, especially in the countryside is pretty pathetic. So my solution is to park at the start and walk for about 3-4 hours, then stop for lunch or at least a good break, then retrace my steps back to the car. The big drawback to this is of course that you can only walk half the normal daily distance making each walk take twice as long, but so what? I’m in no hurry and I get to see the scenery in both directions, it’s twice the fun and it’s twice the challenge!

All the walks on my site contain my photographs and my instructions which I have created as PDF files enabling you to save, or print them out for ease of use. The routes are a mixture of my own and those that come from different sources and where this occurs credit is given to the original provider.

Finally, just a quick word on the maps. These are provided by Google Maps so I cannot bear any responsibility for the adverts and the accuracy of them. I do my best to make them as accurate as possible but they should not be taken as 100% correct. The maps like the walks can also be saved, or printed required.

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